10 Best Food In The World

Good food make up most of your overall health. A healthy person is a reflection of the kind of food they eat while every other firm of lifestyle complements it. If you can be consistent with some of the best foods in the world, then your overall health will be intact and you will enjoy your old age. Those who have the habit of eating good foods have been known to live a long and healthy life without complications or fear of diseases such as diabetes and cancer caused by most food in the market today. Although no one can categorically say a particular food is the major cause of chronic disease like cancer. Researchers have stated that looking at the properties of food can determine whether or not it would be of use in the body or if it will help fight against any form of agents that deteriorates body cells.


Below are the 10 best food in the world.
1. Greek yogurt: Yoghurt generally contain proteins needed by the body to repair worn out tissues since generally, this is a function of a protein. The Greek Yoghurt is known to be very high in protein and also known to have probiotics which prevent an increase in the level of blood sugar in the body. Inculcating this into your diet will help prevent the risk of having diabetes.


2. Beans: There are several health benefits associated with beans and legumes. This food helps reduce cholesterol. For those who have a high level of blood sugar, which makes beans one of the 10 best food in the world is because one of its functions is to reduce this high level of blood sugar. Also, because beans have been known to be high in fiber, studies have shown that it helps prevent a type of cancer called colorectal cancer.


3. Broccoli: including broccoli in your diet also have lots of benefits. Many researchers have stated that broccoli may have a very high potency of anti-cancerous properties. Some studies have also stated that since broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, it may also help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.


4. Cinnamon: popularly known to ease inflammation, one of the major health benefits is that it has the tendency of reducing levels of blood sugar in the body.


5. Brown rice: Studies have shown that people who eat rice more often are less likely to have type 2 diabetes.


6. Chia seeds: when blended with oatmeal to form smoothie and taken can help prevent any heart-related disease or stroke caused by the type 2 diabetes.


7. Olive oil: Rather than using oils high in cholesterol, a much more healthy oil to use for frying is olive oil. This is because studies have shown that olive oil help prevents cancer.


8. Turmeric: This list of 10 best food in the world would not be complete if turmeric is not mentioned. This is because turmeric is known to promote the overall health as a result of its active ingredient known as curcumin which has an anti-cancerous effect.


9. Pumpkin: The seeds of pumpkin have been known to help the body use its insulin more efficiently thereby help reduce the level of blood sugar in the body.


10. Vinegar: is known to have acetic acid that can help lower the levels of blood sugar in the body after eating food that has high carbohydrates.

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